Saturday, March 1, 2014

Relaxing Robin, applique progress

Relaxing Robin: a round-robin style quilting project in which several people participate in adding borders/rows to a central medallion, according to a monthly theme or sewing technique.  
Center Block of Relaxing Robin
This robin is relaxing because the "rules" of what is to be done each month are just guidelines and don't have to be followed.  Also (and most importantly), the quilting project never leaves your house.  Meaning: you don't have to stress about deadlines, or whether the next recipient will like your choices, or whether you will like what others have created before you--it's your project.

Spent the past several weeks working on other things, so not much got accomplished on the Relaxing Robin quilt this month.  The assignment for February was "add some applique".  My applique idea is rather involved, but also will greatly enlarge my quilt.  Which is good, as I'm looking to make a lap quilt or twin bed quilt out of this project.

On the final day of the month, I went to stitch-n-bitch and pieced 3 crazy-quilted cats.

Crazy-piecing in Flannel

I think there are 6 cats total in my design, plus the mitered borders that will form their background.  (Never have made mitered borders before--that should be interesting.)

So that's where I'm at.  Behind, but still relaxed about it all.  I'm linking up with the Relaxing Robin check-in at Sew You Quilt 2.  Not many of the participants have linked in their progress yet...  I wonder if that means many of us have not completed February's step.

Stitching assignment for March:
Step 4. add some triangles. this could be flying geese, pinwheels, etc. again, have fun with this. there are many blocks and ideas with triangles.
My idea for the next step does not involve triangles.  Darn.  Much as I like to follow the rules, I have my creative Muse to consider here.  I will re-evaluate my options for March after I actually finish the February applique step.
Check out the other Relaxing Robin stitchers?  Their blogs are linked to the home page of Sew You Quilt 2


  1. I love your cats! that is going to look so nice. I have been cutting out geese and seeing if that will be my triangle border. this new job is cutting into my sewing fun! boo hoo

    1. I'm such a big fan of flying geese! And I totally know what you mean about the job interrupting the hobby. Good luck with the juggling