Wednesday, March 5, 2014

reaLISTic expectations

I have worked diligently over the past few years to become aware of how long things take.  I am chronically late.  I also know that I just move slower than my fellow human beings.  So these are my challenges... but I am working on them.

Made a To-Do list when I got home from work yesterday.

Ok, 11 items.  Doesn't seem so bad.  Numbering helps with being realistic about what can get done.

According to my recent experiments with how long things take, I can estimate 30 minutes for most individual To Do list tasks. (Unless travel time is involved.)  So, an 11-item list might take 5 and 1/2 hours to complete: yikes!  Who has that much time, especially starting at 5:30 on a weeknight?

According to Sweetie's advice, I should cut this list in half.  Which is what I did.  Prioritize.  What do I really want to/need to get done tonight?

Happy to report that I completed all 5 circled items before bedtime, and felt pretty good about it.  My
most proud accomplishment was "hemming curtains".  I had a 6-hour odyssey with what should have been simple curtains awhile ago, and I was determined to just get this project done, letting go of all need for perfection, and settling for basic, finished curtains.

Didn't iron.  Barely measured.  Used 1/3 as many pins as usual.  But they are done, and they look fine.

Done is beautiful.
Haven't I heard this somewhere before?

A successful list management experience, for a Tuesday night.  And guess what?  The after-work To-Do list will happen again today.  More opportunities to practice being reaLISTic.

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