Saturday, March 29, 2014

Organizing the T-shirts

My inspiration:

Sweetie, aka The Tidy Fairy, discovered this way to fold and stuff her t-shirt drawer about a week ago, and has been raving about it ever since.

I decided to give it a try.  I have been acquiring extra t-shirts lately (one of the hazards of teaching high school: logo t-shirts for sports and clubs), and my drawer is pretty stuffed.

Before: the overstuffed drawer
However, this new t-shirt folding technique requires a deeper drawer than this one.  So I needed another location.  Good thing I have 2 dressers!

Tall dresser with deep drawers.  Narrower than the low dresser, but it might work.  Top drawer was a junk drawer + long johns/hiking clothes catch-all.

WOW!  It worked so well that I was able to grab a couple t-shirts from my "running shirts" drawer.  My few camisoles are rolled up and tucked on the side.

Now, I know that organizing my t-shirts doesn't take care of the fact that I have too many of them.  However, I did manage to organize and consolidate my junk + long johns drawer.  So that's a win, too.

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