Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Finish: Blue Baby Quilt

Got the idea last week, from the (temporarily suspended) Finish it Up Friday, that I haven't really focused on finishing some of my languishing projects.  They take up space in my sewing room, and I move them around as I get excited and start working on other projects, but I just don't buckle down and take those last little steps.

Blue baby quilt favorite block: Old Windmill pattern

Case in point: blue baby quilt.  Blocks made as part of 20111-2012 Buck-a-block BOTM.  Sashed and bordered, even machine quilted.  But no binding.

So close to being done.  And there it sat.

Git 'er done!
All it took was some willpower, and not much time. 

I so seldom finish a quilt that I have to go back and learn the tricks of binding anew each time.  Found the Missouri Star Quilt Company's binding video super-helpful--especially the tricky "hiding the beginning/ending seam" portion.

I love stripes and plaids in bindings, so I use bias more often than not.  Just like the way it looks.

And there you have it: a finished project.  Hoping to link up with TGIFF (thank goodness it's finished Friday), or Finish it up Friday.  Next week.

Last word: the creatively-pieced backing

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