Friday, March 14, 2014

3 More Cats in the Relaxing Robin

I'm liking the crazy-pieced flannel cats that will make up the applique round of the Relaxing Robin (February's step).

Crazy-quilt cat silhouettes

I finished 3 more cats.  Discovered after the first few that they look better with dark fabric in the head, and not a lot of piecing around the face.

The gals at Stitch n Bitch kept praising my creativity in doing the crazy-piecing.  I am flattered.  I just have so, so many ideas--I don't understand folk who say they aren't creative. 

Isn't everyone creative?  (Answer: yes, you are)


  1. I think your cats are very cute. And very creative!

  2. I have the link up to link up your relaxing robin.....
    looking great!