Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oakie needs one of these!

Just gotta share: I found a Sew Along that I am so tempted to jump into.  I'm not yet horribly behind--their schedule started (slowly) in February, and continues through Fall.

It's called the Great Quiet Book Sew-Along, and it's being hosted by Sherri at Thread Riding Hood.  A sew-along to make a cloth book!  I LOVE cloth books.  I am such a sucker for them...


My book of basics: "How to Make Cloth Books for Children"

Moda's "Ten Little Things" counting book

Other ideas (blogs, websites) that have caught my eye

A pattern I purchased last spring.  (No, I haven't made it.  Yet.)

"Hurry up, Pizza Man!" The pepperoni page...

My very first cloth book (1997), of a completely original design.  I long to make another of these one day, updating with all the new techniques and ideas I have learned.

Oakie needs a cloth book, right?

I could populate the pages with penguin-specific fabrics
 and notions,
Oakie on a recent brewery tour. Kids, avert your eyes!
make sure good photos of him are included on the photo pages,

and add to the adorable over-the-top attire and accessories that he is collecting.

Reality check: I need another new project right now like I need another hole in the head.  I'll just set this website away for later...  Maybe after the wedding I can still jump into a sew-along and have a completed product in time for Christmas.

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