Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Buck-a-block: month 2

BOTM update:  The new block has been given out.  Still not excited about the fabrics...
"Americana" colorway - not my favorite
The block pattern is again from The Farmer's Wife book of quilt blocks.  It's called "Wild Geese".  I received the fabrics shown here, along with cutting directions and a diagram of the block.

I knew I wouldn't be using everything I got.  It was my intention to make all the blocks in blue--so I tried to match the blue here with various blues in my stash.  Alas... I just wasn't feeling it.  So I played a bit with the red.
Ended up using the red and cream provided; adding black (can you see the tiny stars in the black fabric?  It's from Moda) with pink accent fabric.  The directions said to use different fabrics on the North-South vs. East-West pink triangles.  Also, those were probably meant to be more neutral/pastel.  Oh well--I like it just fine.

Who knows what this will go with.  Or where it will eventually end up.  I can't really imagine it with last month's blue block.

Is the point of a BOTM to have a quilt top done at the end of a year?  Oh dear, I'm in trouble already...