Monday, March 31, 2014

Fabriholic Check-In

March comes to a close: 3 months into my fabric fast.  Time to report how it's going.


I have appreciated having a "no buy" policy, as it has gotten me out of making a couple random purchases when I was seeking retail therapy.  (Boredom can be treacherous.)

Sadly, I have not done much sewing, and thus my endless stash is still hanging around.

On an upbeat note, the Relaxing Robin sew-along project (that I just sort of slipped into) has been a way to use up flannel scraps.
The flannel scrap box

Plus, I have pulled out long-saved hunks of flannel from my stash and daringly cut into them.  Of course, I would love to be able to go buy just the right color for the next round (I really need some yellow for the sun I am wanting to make!)  But I am finding my creativity come alive in being forced to use just my stash.

Current Relaxing Robin dilemma: I prefer the "picket fence" style with the narrower spacing, seen in the top row here, but not sure that I have enough of the cream/gray/purple plaid to make it work.

Also used up pretty much all of a striped scrap in making binding for my blue baby quilt.
Use it up: striped binding fabric

So it's all good from here.  Linking up with others who are also reporting on their progress.  Send them some love!

P.S. For some of my fellow Fabriholics, I stumbled upon this post about the state of American quilting magazines.  It has a ton of comments, and got me thinking about those who are truly drawn to the newest lines of fabric.  Here's my favorite comment quote, from Karen, who blogs at Nana Girl Quilts:
"My takeaway thought on this subject much as we love new fabric, it seems the manufacturers have taken away the thing that made quilting personal and fulfilling (at least for me) - choosing our fabrics. The patterns haven't changed but the way we choose our fabric has. I too would love to see quilts made from somebody's real stash and not from a stack of fabrics put together by committee! Maybe somebody's listening."


  1. 1. What a great quote from Karen! I'm not sure I'm a 'lines of fabric' girl - but I do buy charm packs of almost every sweetwater line. They'll eventually be mashed up into one crazy quilt. =)

    2. You're doing such a great job with the fast! You're an inspiration for me -- I really need to get busy and make things. I'm sure I'll feel better without a giant project list looming over my head. =D

  2. Way to go sticking with the fast!!

  3. Congratulations on no fabric purchases!!
    I love that quote... so true - I very rarely buy full lines and love making quilts from my stash, that's a huge part of my process. Fortunately, this does make it easier for me to resist new fabric line purchases.