Saturday, February 1, 2014

Relaxing Robin: step 1 complete

On January 31, I completed step 1 of the Relaxing Robin: I found an orphan block (well, truthfully, it was only part of an orphan block--how forlorn can you get?), sized it appropriately, and put a small contrasting border on it.

Ta-Da!  Crazy-quilt pieced flannel plaids, bordered with a baby pink flannel.  I didn't think I could get more contrast-y than that.

February's step is to add applique.  I'm really not a hand-stitcher, so my applique will be of the fused and machine-stitched variety.  I could try and work on a new skill with a different applique technique, but I am feeling a time and project crunch in February, so I will stick to my plan.

Starting to crazy-quilt piece the reds.

I purposely saved out my red plaid flannels for the applique.  Have a border fabric picked out and cut, and I'm making crazy-quilt patches for the applique shapes.  I am feeling so inspired.  This is so much fun!

At this point, I'm thinking cat silhouettes will be the shapes I applique.  Don't know why--I'm really not much of a cat person.  Tried out a couple different arrangements.  Ready to get back to piecing the reds...

(I know as I write this that I am putting this project aside for a couple weeks.  I have another pressing project that has a February deadline and much work to be done.  Stay tuned later in the month.)

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  1. looking good! I hope you don't mind but I posted your link on my blog with a pic of the block. it is looking good............
    love it and it will be so snuggle warm