Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bouquet Assembly: Take 1

How I've spent the past six weeks of winter: working on my DIY wedding bouquet, with a hoped-for completion date of February 28 (pause, check the calendar).

I got all 80-something stems made.  Yay, go me!

A vase of pretty brooches/buttons/beads
Now comes the time to assemble them into bouquet form.  Started pushing and placing them within a fake hydrangea arrangement, as suggested on numerous DIY websites

Things went well for about the first 12 stems, then everything got all shifty--formerly placed brooches started sliding and cascading into each other.

Clumps of brooches + vast areas of unadorned fake floral

I got frustrated.  So close to my goal, so close to meeting my self-imposed deadline.  I've been pretty good at letting go of perfection on this project; but I'm gonna have to re-do this assembly.  Darn.  Not like I hadn't been warned of how this might happen

"...Brooches have a mind of their own, and often don’t go where you want them to go. You’ll probably have to take your bouquet apart and start over from scratch at least once, maybe more. You’ll have to learn how to work with the brooches, and there’s a good chance your bouquet will end up different from your vision..." (quote from Here's What DIY Articles Don't Tell You)

Awesome idea for Take 2: enlist a crafty friend to help me!  She has patience, since this is not a project she is already wishing were done.  She has an extra set of hands.  She has great ideas for how to craft and assemble.  And she can calm me down when the perfectionistas rear their carefully-coiffed heads.

Setting this project aside for my next crafty Play Date.  Linking up with the Cabin Fever Party over at Lily Pad Quilting, so I can share what I've been doing with my dreary winter days.

Have you done something interesting while the weather has been frightful?


  1. I can remember doing something similar years ago for my sister's wedding - oyi!! Extra hands are always a blessing - as well as crafting with a friend.

  2. Gorgeous idea....hope it comes together for you. (I think it looks awesome!) Thanks for partying along with us!