Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ho Ho Ho-ing... in July

Just signed up for the Ho Ho Ho blog hop over at Sew We Quilt.  My date is July 31st, which is after the County Fair.  And the item I am submitting for the blog hop is also an item I will send to the fair.  Yay, double-duty!  Hopefully this double-dose of deadlines will ensure that I actually finish my holiday-themed project.

Who is your favorite Ho Ho Ho guy?

So, since this is now a super-secret project, to be revealed only in my official posting for the blog hop, I must limit myself to tantalizing hints, rather than actual project updates.

First hint: this is not a very quilty project.

Second hint
One of the inspirations for my project: what is in Santa's big bright sack?  The one pictured here appears to have some sort of greenery and ornaments, more than presents.  Bah, humbug!  We all want presents.  I must remedy that problem.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Plans for the County Fair

Stack-n-whack quilt, finished in Feb 2013
Time to put in reservations for what I will enter in this year's County Fair.  Fair is earlier than usual
(July rather than August), leaving me less time for those last-minute projects that I always find myself drawn to.  What's a major procrastinator to do?

Want to be realistic in what can actually get done in time for the entries to be delivered: 3 weeks.  And while I feel like most of my items are done, they are not really done done.  Which makes the idea of starting something new, even a simple new item, a little off the table, realistic-wise.

Baby quilt, in the midst of machine quilting

The list:

  • Two quilts - stack-n-whack and 1930's reproduction (done, but... both need to have a hanging sleeve added for the fair's requirements)
  • Baby quilt - sampler from last year's buck-a-block, I am in the midst of doing the machine-quilting myself (but haven't touched it since March)
  • Santa figurine - his outfit was finished in January, but I really want to give him the accessories that will mark this project as "complete" (sack of toys and holiday banner)
  • Nancy Drew puzzle block - this blog-hop project from back in March wasn't finished at the time I blogged about it... and it's still not finished (hand sewing, not really my thing)
  • Oakie wardrobe - Oakie the travel penguin had a whole host of outfits completed for last summer's Alaska cruise; of course, I want to add another item or two before fair time (what is wrong with me?)

Oakie in his raincoat

And, on the aspirational list: any recycled item.  This was the category of my robe-and-slippers tote bag from two years ago.  I have two possible projects in this category, but I really should just shelve the whole idea of starting anything new (even if "new" means to recycle another item) in time for this year's fair.  Right?

Friday, June 21, 2013

You are not behind

A quote from Flylady (organizing and decluttering guru extraordinaire):
"You are not behind.  Just jump in where you are." 
I need this reminder.  My house somehow got cluttered and untidy during the spring (what a whirlwind spring it was).  I feel an urgent need to get it all straightened up at once, and yet I know that is a recipe for disaster (or burn-out).
 Just one example of the many piles that have formed around my house.  This one is in my sewing room, and flaunts the reminder sign hanging nearby, which gives me Peter Walsh's rules for maintaining a clutter-free space.

Rule 1?  Keep flat surfaces clear.  (Oops.  Fail.)

Ok, deep breaths.  Set your timer for 15-minute increments, and just jump in.  After all, I am not behind...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Buck-a-Block May & June patterns

Well, time has certainly flown by while I was attending to other details!  Missed mid-month meetings of buck-a-block in both May and June (which means my block patterns were not just a buck; oh well).

May pattern is "Eight Hands Around"  from Judy Hopkins' book 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks (That Patchwork Place).  I'm rather fond of the star-within-a-star detail.

The shop sample shows a suggested border that creates an on-point box appearance.  I just think all the border ideas are so clever!  They perfectly complement each block.  But... I can't really envision the finished product: what will all these disparate elements look like when assembled into a quilt? 
May pattern "8 hands around" - with a border

June pattern is called "Summer Winds" (same source: Judy Hopkins).  I like the corners of the suggested border better than the corners of the block; maybe I'll make a change to this pattern.  So far, I've followed the patterns and fabrics exactly--so not my style. I am much more known for inserting my wild creativity in any given project.  Just shows how little I am invested in this project: I still don't have any idea what all these blocks will become when they grow up into a... a... who knows what?

I now have 3 months worth of patterns and fabric to sew up (didn't even cut into April, since I knew I would be missing the May meeting).  Due date is July 20.  Let's get a-sewin', see if I can get back to paying just a buck for each of the remaining blocks.