Monday, January 21, 2013

Machine Quilting 102

Took a machine quilting class back in October, but haven't really gotten down to the practicing part that will improve my skills.  And improved skills is what I will need to actually do some machine quilting on an actual item--not just the demo quilt that I started during the class.

So I've been "collecting" projects that are complete up to the machine-quilting step.  The result is FIVE projects that are awaiting my skill-building.  Time to get practicing, I say.  There will be quite the payoff in completed projects if I can just get over this hump.

Here are the projects:
Wordy wallhanging - last worked on in November, but over a year in the making.  Wallhanging size: I think I might be able to machine quilt that.

 Baby quilt made from six blocks out of the 2012 buck-a-block BOTM.  Top finished in December, so this one hasn't been sitting around for too long.

 Baby quilt made from the other six blocks out of the 2012 BOTM.  Top finished beginning of October--before I had even taken the machine quilting class.  Since I knew it would be awhile before I got back to working on this project, I put the top, the batting and the backing fabric together in a clear pouch for safekeeping.  (I feel so clever sometimes.)

Paper-pieced daisy pillow top.  This was begun with the paper-piecing class I took in February, and has sat around patiently for most of the year.  How the unfinished projects do pile up over time!

Drum-roll please... the oldest project awaiting my machine quilting skills to catch up with my appetite for new projects: barnyard play quilt.  Pulled out of its paper sack in November, this had been hidden away for probably ten years, in exactly the state it is in today: ready for machine quilting before all the little add-on bits get attached.

Alrighty, woman, let's get crackin!

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