Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sewing? Mending.

Been hanging out over on The Sew Weekly website, getting inspired to do some garment sewing in 2013.  I have many boxes of many fabrics that are not appropriate for quilting--figured I should get some of it sewn into garments (and such), or start preparing to part with it for good.

Had a look around the sewing room, and realized I have piles of mending that have been neglected while I pursue quilt-related projects.

So, here's the rundown:

Gray trousers - purchased on mega-clearance just this fall, these haven't been worn because they are too big in the butt.  I think I can reduce the side seams a little.  How hard is that?

Black trousers - (ooh, dark photo!) these have been in the mending pile for quite some time, but I have pulled them out and worn them several times, flaws and all (the joys of safety pins and duct tape in unseen places).  The flaws here include a hole in the zipper area seam, a pocket that just won't lie flat (without a safety pin helper), and elastic in the waist area that has come loose on one side.

Brown trousers - I think the hem is the only thing that needs fixing on these.  But it's been so long since I've looked at them, there might be something else, too.

Green polo shirt - wow, can't even remember what I was supposed to be doing to this.  Maybe shorten the sleeves?  Maybe hem the overall length shorter?

Gold shirt-into-vest transformation - this is a restyle from awhile ago.  Hem is basted into place and armhole bias binding is partially complete.

Off-white skirt - this just has too tender of a color.  Bought Rit dye to jazz it up a bit.  Have to wait until I'm feeling comfortable with having technicolor hands for a couple days.

 Olive green skirt - making it longer (always the hemming); bought some ribbon trim to cover up the previous hem fold-line.

Rayon coulottes - yes, I know this style is no longer in fashion, but I just like them.  They are too long, however, and I'm through with wearing clothing the wrong length for my figure (I have skinny chicken-leg calves).

Black bobble t-shirt - the large bead-bobbles on this shirt have many that are coming loose.  Nothing worse than droopy bobbles...

Not pictured, but still in the mending area:
Columbia outerwear jacket - velcro closures have shredded in two locations, and you just can't buy velcro in custom colors, and this will require tedious hand sewing.
Red dress restyle - I was adding waist darts and hemming a sheath dress, when I decided to complicate matters and change the neckline and sleeves as well.

Well, gee.  Some of these seem like an easy fix.  Do-able, even.

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