Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project Report for 2012

Santa WIP
Well, I haven't kept up much with the monthly project reports.  My last one was mid-November, reporting on activities of September and October.  I think I haven't felt the need to post about the fact that "finished" so rarely happens for me. 

Many of my long-dormant UFOs are glaring at me from the corners of the sewing room, daring me to take the next step toward completing them.  (Santa doll, Eeyore sweatshirt, knit coin purse)

I have so many projects that are awaiting the quilting step (I think I'll have to document them all in a blog posting soon), so they don't count as done done.  My queen size bed quilt is still at the longarm quilter (I got the backing to her too close to the holiday).  So close, so very close...

My two new projects this month were the holiday napkins (which I finished!) and this exploration with covering children's blocks.  A friend asked me what I was doing on this, and I had to admit that this was an idea I had long played with in my mind--and I just wanted to see if I could make it happen.  So I'm still in the playing stage, for sure.

Completed projects this Month:  1
Completed projects Year to Date:  13
New projects this Month:  2
New projects Year to Date: 14
Discarded/donated projects (farewell!): 8
Net Project Count for 2012: -7

Pictures of the 13 finished items:
Christmas napkins (Dec 25th post)

Oakie raincoat (August 11th post)

Oakie formal attire (August 11th post)

1930s challenge block quilt (July 12th post)
Oakie hoodie (July 9th post)
Quilt block for a friend (July 5th post)
Oakie visor (July 1st post)
Denim jumper remix (May 29th post)

Table napkins (April 14th post)
Purple jumper remix (April 1st post)

Reversible dresser scarf (February 19th post)
Fleece "blankie" shoulder wraps (made 2) (February 13th post)

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