Monday, January 14, 2013

First finish of 2013

Santa!  First sewing project finished in 2013.  And it was a UFO from long ago: make new clothes for a Santa figurine that had seen better days.

Found an embellished velour at JoAnn's that seemed appropriate and made a new robe using the old robe as a pattern.  I love the depth of this color and how rich it looks.

Ended up reusing the same white faux-fur edging as the original outfit.  Had to slice off some glue (the old outfit had been largely glued together), but it turned out really luxe and delicious.

Shout out to the high school shop teacher, who helped me affix a wooden base and stabilize the doll's plastic body.

I just knew I had to finish this soon, or abandon it for yet another year.  I will be so thrilled to take this out next Christmas and put it on display. 

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