Thursday, December 27, 2012

Buck-a-block Baby Quilt #2

The second top from the 2011/12 buck-a-block BOTM is complete: a baby quilt in blue.

I constructed six of the twelve months from last year in a turquoise/navy colorway, using a Moda cloud print on cream for a unifying background fabric in every block.  The sashing/finishing was suggested by the shop, and created another star design in the cornerstone positions.  These stars extended out into the final border (another cloud print that had been in my stash for many years, and is happily used up at last!)

 However, I was annoyed at all the work it took to piece those cornerstone stars, and didn't want to have to chop up the border clouds further, so I set about to make them a 3-D free-floating element of the quilt.

I cut squares of the correct size, then sewed them along one side and turned right-side out to create a finished half-square triangle.  Topstitched them--for looks and durability--and basted them onto the edge of the first border.

Then sewed the final border, with the triangle flaps sandwiched into the seam allowance.  Pay attention to which way the seams are pressed!  Want those flaps to lay mostly flat against the outermost border.

 And there you have it: a cute detail for a baby quilt, and a way to save myself from having to stitch tiny pieces into the cloud-print border (I was truly worried about having enough fabric there).  Although, I didn't really save myself time or steps, as the topstitching of each HST flap (and there are 28 of them) turned into its own sort of side-adventure.

I have told my students that a person will often go out of their way and end up complicating some process horribly, just to avoid one part of things.  I'd say that was the case here...
Top complete! 

Now I've got my eye on another piece of fabric to use for the back.  Naturally, it comes from my stash, where it has been resting comfortably for many years.  And, not surprisingly, there is not quite enough of it.  So I will be employing more creativity to cobble together a backing that is cute, functional, and doesn't require me to purchase more fabric.

Stay tuned in January for how that all works out.

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