Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Machine Quilting 101

Finally took the class that would teach me how to machine quilt.  It was a day-long class, and by the end of it I was tired and cranky, not in any mood to go home and practice, practice, practice!

I learned a ton about the little background details of machine quilting (batting, pinning, selecting and marking designs, thread choices, etc.).  And we did get some practice time in the class--especially helpful to have support (and hints!) when practicing using monofilament thread.

Our practice canvas was this pre-printed panel Skillbuilder One from Renae Allen Designs.  My children thought it was very clever, laid out with so many different basic freemotion designs to quilt.

After the class, I found a nifty video that shows an experienced freemotion quilter practicing.  (I think I was trying to go too fast--at least based on the speed shown on the video.)

Want to see my beginning stitching?  I'm sure you do, as it will help you to feel better about your own quilting practice.
Front side, where you can see how accurately I was able to follow the lines.  Or not.
And the reverse side, where you can see the consistency in my stitch length. 

Yes, the perfectionist in me was screaming.  I couldn't relax enough to just practice, because I was so worried about "doing it right".

Ah well, there will be many an afternoon of practice ahead of me.  The Skillbuilder panel is generously sized for the beginner as well as for refreshers in between projects.  I don't anticipate I will want to try FMQ on an actual project before December--my WIP drawers are stuffed to overflowing right now.

But a nifty little skill to add to my creative endeavors.

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