Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eeyore Sweatshirt finished!

Woop, zoop, sloop: that's about how long it took me to finish the Eeyore sweatshirt that had been hanging around UFO land for several years.  Pulled this project out in September, thinking I could finish it by the end of that month.

(And I could have finished it, if only I had sat down to work on it.)

 Commercial sweatshirt with embroidered Eeyore logo and the words, "Think Cheery".  I removed the lower ribbing band and replaced it with patches of assorted orange prints, including several featuring Winnie the Pooh.

 The sleeves, which were originally a little short for me, had their length extended with a faux chenille.  Then I took pieces of the original waistband ribbing to finish off the cuffs.
Chenille detail - after a washing

I think it's cute.  Adorable, even.  And it is just as lovely of an embellished sweatshirt as my purple Winnie the Pooh one is.

But the reaction I got when I wore it?  Meh. 

And that's not the reaction I wanted.  What incentive do I have to finish a long-dormant project, only to find that it's no longer my style?  (And isn't that a reason to re-think some of my UFO items?  And perhaps get rid of them?  I feel the gods are leading me toward a closet purge.)

2nd item finished in 2013!

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