Saturday, April 14, 2012


In between writing bouts, I have been sewing in 30-minute increments.  Which means I know how long it took me to double-fold-over and sew a hem on four napkins.  Let's just say that they give the six-hour curtains a run for their money, time-wise.

These are napkins I cut out when I was sewing the unplanned dresser scarf back in February.  (Detour on the day of that detour: in searching through my fabric stash, I found a homespun that would work with the color scheme of our dishes.  And used it all up cutting out four 16" napkins.)  Yes, this was starting a new project; but also using up some of my stash.  So it all balanced out.

Done!  I was not working on deadline, so I don't really mind how long they took.  As my adviser said when I had to switch my teaching master's degree program from an 18-month to a 3-year proposition, "No one will know in five years how long it took you to finish.  They will just see that you are done now."

I'm still looking forward to completing a project that I started *before* this year.  But for now, back to writing...

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