Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Buck-a-block March complete

Not much happening in the sewing room recently.  I am committed to finishing my master's thesis THIS MONTH, and only carving out the smallest times for a stitch or two.

So, it seems like an accomplishment to finish a block!
Unfortunate choice of background to photograph it on--doesn't calm things down at all.  As I knew it would, the red stripe overwhelms the rest of the block.  But that was the fabric provided in the kit (I substituted for all the remaining fabrics.)  I do like how the black triangles show up nicely.  And I feel like cutting the stripe on the bias in some places so that it runs the same direction throughout does help to keep the block calmer than it would have been otherwise.

But then again, it seems silly to give such a lengthy critique to a single block.  After all, each block will find its place within a quilt eventually, and they will all harmonize together.

Seven months down.  And back to writing.  Wish me luck!

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