Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sewing goal? Sewing restriction.

I said on Friday that my sewing goal for the weekend was to cut out fabric for an Indygo Junction dress pattern.  Sweetie looked at my To Do list and said, "Goal?"

Well, given how much other stuff I had to accomplish, it was my sewing goal to complete *only* the cutting out portion of that project.  Not to get side-tracked with other projects, or sewing room tidying, or just a bit of pinning.  No: restrict my sewing activities to this cutting and nothing else.
Well, maybe I did indulge in just a bit of day-dreaming: what else might I make with that piece of leftover fabric?  The scraps are put away.  The cut-out fabric is awaiting another day when I have more time.  Yay for prioritizing my school work.

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