Saturday, April 28, 2012

Buck-a-block April pattern

Month 8!  Can hardly believe that a new block each month gets completed, and I have quite a bit to show for it at this point in the year.

As expected, this month's pattern is from The Farmer's Wife.  It is called "Cups and Saucers".  The ladies at the quilt shop demonstrated several variations: I will be playing with layout along the way.  But today's mission is to audition fabrics...
I decided on a blue colorway, so of course I am using the Moda cloud print as my background.  The navy fabric (bottom left corner) was provided in our kits: it will form the center and corner accents.  I want to use the turquoise star print for the inner triangles.  I think it will create a strong star shape.

The four fabrics at the top of the picture are auditioning for the triangles shown in green on the pattern.  I have a tendency to make my blocks too "busy", so I am scratching my head about which fabric plays best with the others here.
A quick mock-up of the block, with each of the four try-out fabrics in a different location.  Still don't know which one will win the beauty contest.  Stay tuned.

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