Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Musing on "28 Items"

A blog post (28 Items) by Judy at Patchwork Times got me thinking about:
  • making progress on decluttering
  • cleaning out more projects/UFOs
  • what's on my bucket list?

Basically, Judy made a shorter-term bucket list--28 things to do, each about the number 28 (example from her list: read 28 fiction books)--with a deadline of the November 2016 presidential election (which just happens to be 4-years-plus-28-weeks away from this week).
My bedside reading - about half fiction

I am feeling like I haven't really "done" anything lately (yes, I've noticed that the blog posts have slowed down considerably).  Of course, this is because I've been fretting and writing heavily on my thesis.  But as I wind down the writing (or at least feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel), I am getting itchy to "make progress"...

So I've been marinating the ideas for a few days.  Blame it on the salad dressing incident.  Or the fact that I wore a beloved skirt to work that is showing some wear-and-tear.  It's time for decluttering to come back into focus!

I won't make a spreadsheet of far-off goals, because that won't really help me.  Just need to remember the New Year's resolution: have less stuff.  My decluttering in the past year worked best in two situations--when the landlord gave us 30 days' notice and we had to move; and when the garage sale was scheduled for two months away.  Hmm, what do these have in common?  A deadline.  And a willingness to part with things--lots of things, enough to make a difference in the amount of stuff.

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