Sunday, February 19, 2012

Table topper: start to finish

This weekend derail-ment is becoming a habit...  Last weekend had me outside when I had planned something completely different.  This weekend I am sick with a cold, not having energy to do much of anything.  But somehow I got a sewing project done-- start to finish.

For Christmas, Sweetie took a family heirloom and had it refinished.
1890's vintage china buffet
We finally got it back from the refinisher's on Saturday.  It is beautiful in a way I remember from my childhood.  But this newly fabulous piece of furniture needed something for its top to protect it.  Fabric to the rescue!  I skimmed through my fabric stash and came up with two candidates: a polished black cotton in a rather modern stripe, and an upholstery canvas that featured paprika letters on a parchment background.  The family consensus was that we liked the black stripe better, but preferred the heaviness of the upholstery fabric.  Why not make it reversible?  (Three heads are better than one sometimes.)

Side one: this picture doesn't do it justice
Bonus side: sturdy upholstery fabric from JoAnn's
This wasn't in my game plan.  Didn't have this project listed anywhere, and just shoved everything aside to get it cut out, sewn, and topstitched this weekend.  No wonder it takes me extra time to finish the long-term projects: stuff like this creeps into the mix.

Ah, but it's done.  And functional.  And I used up some of my stash to make it.  Yay!

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