Sunday, April 22, 2012

Declutter pantry (mini-version)

It all started with the salad dressing.  Seven open bottles of salad dressing in the fridge- many with less than an inch of dressing left in them.  Should we just make a concerted effort to use some of them up?

And what other dressings do we have?  In the pantry...  Oh dear.

A quick 10 minutes later, and we have a full paper sack of groceries to donate to the local food pantry.  Dressings that no one living in the house would eat.  Foods with wheat in them (someone is wheat-free, and others won't cook them).  Envelopes of seasoning for red meat that we don't eat.  How our food habits have changed over time!

I thought this would be a major undertaking, but it was over almost as soon as it started.  The whole pantry didn't get a once-over, just a couple shelves.  And how much better it looks!

So much nicer to do a bit at a time.  Leaves room for the other chores that were scheduled for today.

And we were inspired to have an eat-up-the-leftovers lunch.  Yummy!

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