Friday, May 1, 2015

Me-Made May


Checking the list of monthly sewing challenges, sew-alongs, and contests over at Modern Vintage Cupcakes, I found out that 'So, Zo... What do you know?' is again highlighting Me-Made May. I'm in!

What is it?
A personal challenge to wear items you have made (or refashioned) yourself during the month of May. Dig into those drawers and pull out the lovelies that get too often neglected--in my case, in favor of jeans and t-shirts.  Show those beauties the light of day!

My personal pledge: I will wear something Me-Made every day during the month of May.  Whew!

That sounds like a lot, and it will be a challenge, but here's my ace in the hole: I have 5 pajamas and 3 pair of lounge pants to fall back on when it all gets to be too much.  Yep, my Me-Made wardrobe tends toward the cozy at-home-wear.

But really, this is supposed to be a challenge.  So I will endeavor to wear things that I don't get around to pulling out regularly--and that includes accessories: scarves, bags, jewelry.  It's all fair game.

Also, since it seems I haven't really done much garment sewing in
the past <ahem> decade or so, I include in the Me-Made designation those ready-to-wear items I have refashioned.  So that allows me to wear sweatshirts I have embellished or turned into jackets, hems I have jazzed up with trims, and the like.

I am doing this so I get maximum mileage out of my paltry choices in Me-Made items.  I really need to get more garment sewing done this year.  This is my year!  (Otherwise, part of my pledge to rid myself of 100 yards of fabric will include donating all those languishing tweeds and knits and silkies to someone who will love
them and sew with them.)

Anyhow, May is just starting, so you, too, can take a pledge to get into your dresser and pull out something you have made.  C'mon, wear that item proudly!

What Me-Made item are you gonna show off this month?

[Blog posts about some of the items pictured: flamingo top, embellished sweatshirt, infinity scarf/bobble cowl/knit cowl, lace-sleeved-blouse, twill skirt, misc. jewelry]

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