Sunday, June 26, 2011

Infinity Scarf - I finished a project!

I am easily led astray by the shiny and new.  Especially a new sewing project.  Or just a new piece of fabric that has no intended project attached to it.
My daughter posted a link to an infinity scarf tutorial on her blog awhile back.  I thought, "cute!" and gave it no more thought.  Then, for her sister's graduation, she wore an infinity scarf that she had made.  And it was *way cute*.  I also had just received some adorable clothing that doesn't necessarily match other colors in my wardrobe, so I was looking for a way to add more purple.  What caught my eye at the last trip to the fabric store? (besides the items I had originally gone there to purchase? yawn, bored with that project already.)  Silky purple print.  Mmm, yummy.

Spent just over an hour whipping this baby up, and wore it that night to go out to dinner.  Disclaimer: the project would not take an entire hour, start to finish, except for 2 things: this particular fabric is silky and shiny, requiring much more time to cut accurately, and needing many pins to stay put even when sewing a straight line; and I didn't see the part of the directions that said "turn right-side out" before sewing the second set of seams.  Oops.
Yay, a *finished* project. 

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