Sunday, May 3, 2015

May: Home Decor... and More

Do you set goals?  Do you deviate from the goals that you set?  Like, almost as soon as you say them out loud?

So close... and yet so far away

Said out loud: "For May, I'm just going to sandwich and quilt some of these many tops I've got going.  I could have 5 wallhangings (or whatnot) done by the end of this month!"

Immediately, that goal got sidetracked into a series of home decor items.  I mean, after all, we are living in a new home; and it needs to get to feeling homey before those UFO's need to be completed.

Here's the list: shouldn't be a problem to actually get these done in May, right?

1.  New cover for Ikea Poang chair.

Basic black = basically boring

There are numerous sewists on Etsy (like this one) who would happily stitch me up a cover--I just didn't really like their fabric selection.  So, with this actual project in mind, I will be buying more fabric.  (Dang, going backward in the Fabric Destash yet again.)

2.  New topper for buffet.  Must be blue.

Old topper, even though it was two-sided, was not gonna work, color-wise.  Fortunately, I am pretty sure I can make this from my stash.

3.  Topper for new sofa table.  Bling encouraged.

I was really pining after a mirror-topped sofa table, but the compromise involved buying an inexpensive (Ikea!) sofa table and then me sewing something with some shiny in it--using leftover fabric from our wedding last summer.  Again, sewing from stash: win!

What do you think?  A worthy adjustment of the goal for May?
If I manage to get all 3 projects pumped out (given the fact that I am traveling out of state two different times this month), I will feel pretty successful indeed.

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