Monday, August 11, 2014

Russian Wedding Band

Finished just before my recent two-week vacation: a knit cowl.  (Now why wasn't this on my goal list for the quarter?  Oops, oversight.)

My sister made me one of these cowls as a present, and sent me home with the directions (available as a free download from Ravelry).  It's super simple: just knit, on circular needles.  It's a stash-buster: uses small amounts of any worsted weight yarn, in 3 different colors.

She's a sweet sister, and pretty inspiring, too.  I pulled out my longest-stashed yarn (since college!), determined to get my knit on.  Had never knit on circular needles before, but I am now a big fan.

So, the pattern goes like this: knit a tube, about 7" long; bind off.  Let it curl up like a soft kitten, which is what it wants to do anyway.  As you cast on the second ring, put the first ring in the center, so the two loops will be intertwined.  And follow the same intertwining method with the third ring.

Those of you who knit in the round know a particular pitfall.  But my lips are sealed.  I called my sister in mid-panic about having screwed up the third ring.

Me: do I have to rip it out?  It's a pretty big error.
Sis: send me a picture, Ms. Perfectionista
I'm knitting with a crazy yarn, here
Me: Well???
Sis: Is it a gift?  Then redo it.
Me: I think it's just for me.  I was kinda just goofing around with old yarns...
Sis: Then leave it alone.

Sis: And don't tell anyone about it; they'll never know unless you go blabbing.

This is me, not blabbing.

First knit project I have completed in probably four years.  Feels kinda good!

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