Monday, May 18, 2015

Sneaky Scraps

Scraps can be pesky--always underfoot, multiplying with abandon (despite your best efforts to eradicate them), mocking you from the safety of their bins and baskets.

One particularly intrepid band of scraps found its way under my sewing machine's needle this past week and demanded I stitch them up.  Cheeky bastards!

These particular scraps were given to me by my stitch-n-bitch friend Pam, after she completed a 1930's quilt for her daughter.  I spent some mental energy in January coming up with a plan for sewing them together, but put them aside as a project for later.

Apparently, *later* is now.

Love those 1930's prints. Sigh.

Made 25 simple 16-patch blocks.  Woop, zoop, sloop!

And, since Monday is vacuuming day and the rugs are all clean, I hadta lay out a few of them to see how they might look with a stash fabric in alternating blocks.

Hard to see, but the stash fabric is actually a very light, small-scale yellow stripe.  Since the only thing I made from it was a couple of baby bibs (and my youngest child is now 22), I'd say it has been in my stash long enough.

Mmmhmm, those sneaky scraps have done it: blindfolded me and made me start another quilt.

What am I to do?  I am helpless in the face of such a coordinated assault...

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Quilting is more fun than Housework

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  1. I like your sixteen patch blocks! I have some of those in my future :)

  2. Very cute! What size block did you use in the 16 patch?

    1. Since the scraps I was given were mainly already cut in 2-1/2" strips, the block is made of 2" finished patches. So it finishes as an 8x8" block.

  3. What a happy little quilt. Great use for all those scraps! They are kinda cheeky aren't they. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!