Monday, May 4, 2015

Clever Halter Apron

Cute & Clever!  That's what I present to you today: an apron made from a men's collared shirt.

The upper pocket area

When I saw this design (wish I had kept the name of the book I saw it in! So sorry for not being able to give credit), I knew I had to make it.  I am such a fan of the clever.  And the recycled/repurposed.

Pretty simple: cut the sleeves and upper back away from a basic men's shirt (this one from thrift store, naturally; but I did search carefully for the fabric and design that said "apron" to me); slice the back into 2 halves; hem all the edges nicely; make and attach waist ties (I made mine from the leftover shirt fabric).

My only tweak was to add a couple inverted box pleats to the back waist.  I had chosen an XL shirt, because I wanted the longer length.  This made it too big around for me, so I debated between gathers and pleats, deciding on the pleats because of the box pleat traditionally at the center back of men's shirts.

Unless you think it needs lower patch pockets?  I have the extra fabric, but I am undecided...

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  1. I can see me looking at men's shirts just a little bit differently for a while! That's a great idea and you can always us the rest of the shirt in your stash.