Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fabric Stash Reckoning

Waaaay back in January, I set 15 quilty/crafty/bloggy goals for 2015.  Seems like a whole lifetime ago, given the way my year has unfolded.

It's about time to check in on goal # 1: Use up, donate or dispose of 100 yards of fabric.
Can't help but think I've gone in the wrong direction on this--given my postings to Sunday Stash this year.

I am estimating that Pam gave me about 1-1/2 yards of scraps/strip sets (although I didn't actually measure).

The memorial shopping trip netted me 4-1/4 yards of fabric (plus patterns and books).

Online shopping for Have a Latte fabrics increased my stash by 3-3/4 yards.

Well, that covers the fabric in category; has any fabric gone out?  Well, it so happens that I made a donation to the Children's Quilt Project of 3 yards of a fine-but-unloved fabric that had been in my stash for many years.
Gone to a worthy cause!
There is a donation site at New Pieces Quilt Shop in Berkeley; they also have pre-made fabric "kits" free for you to take home and stitch up donation quilt tops--fabric and instructions all packaged together.  Makes me happy that this crayon-stripe is going to a good home.

Used up?  In order to count a fabric as "used up" for my 2015 Destash, the project that it is in must be done done--quilting completed, binding on, everything.  This gives me incentive to actually finish an entire project (not just a flimsy, of which I have many).  For the month of April, I am counting the "Java" mat as done, having met all of the criteria.

10" by 17", plus binding and applique = 1/2 yard total
 Also finished: fabric bowl with Grandma's Cheesecake recipe inside (how did I forget about that already?  Oh right, it happened before my move to California and the subsequent loss of mental functions) 

15" circles + binding = approx. 1/3 yard

So... where does that leave me in the Great Fabric Destash?

Fabric In:  9-1/2 yards
Fabric Used:  5/6 yard
Fabric Discarded/Donated:  3 yards
Net Destash:  +5-2/3 yards
How far to meet my goal? 105-2/3 more yards

Yup, just as I had predicted: so far this year I have taken in more than I have used/donated.  That really will change soon.  I have several things so close to finishing--this month, even.

How about you?  How is your stash looking?

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