Monday, April 8, 2013

Quiet Book idea

Finally, something new has caught my attention!  My wandering eye didn't lead me to want to start any new projects in March, and that is just darn unusual.  But I saw a couple blog posts recently that got me wanting to go out and start something new: Quiet Books!

What is a quiet book? A quiet book is a book (usually made out of fabric) filled with quiet activities for children. It's often used for special times, like church, when you need to keep children happy and quiet. Or you can just use it when you want a break!  --quote from The Quiet Book Blog

Always Sewin' Somethin! posted about her "lovely finish" of two quiet books for her young sons, to keep them busy during church.  She has pictures of all the pages, as well as links to other blogs that provided her with inspiration.  I loved all her ideas!!!  So creative.  And helpful to see where each idea came from, and how it was changed and reinterpreted (my favorite part of the creative process: ooh, I can change that part!  Won't that make it better?)
Tiffany's "I Spy" page -
There's even a Quiet Book Blog, where people can post their completed projects and show off ideas.  Several tutorials and free templates are available there, also.

Absolutely adorable Quiet Book patterns are available FREE from Imagine Our Life.  I am totally going to have to make her sock matching pages.  (Oh, the wish for grandchildren comes on strong at times like these!)
Stephanie's all-time most popular quiet book page -

I am, however, completely enamored with a Fairy Tale quiet book Etsy pattern that I stumbled upon from April Mae Designs blog, Making Ends Meet.  She used images from the pattern in one of her blog posts
April Mae Designs pattern, available at Etsy Shop

and it totally caught my eye. So much that I couldn't stop thinking about it.  For days.  Yes, I was hooked. 

I succumbed.  I have no grandchildren (yet).  I have no other children in my life right now, and yet I am working on two baby quilts, and a children's play quilt.  I also have a (UFO) cloth children's book to finish.  And yet... I went and bought this pattern.  Will it be my next new project to start?  Don't know.  But I got a cute new pattern!

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