Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making Lists

Oy! I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed by all the things that happen in spring.  As sewing is my refuge, I am trying to take back a sense of control by making a list of sewing/crafty things.  I was inspired by Jess over at the Elven Garden, who made a goal list for the upcoming quarter: what do I want to get done by July 1st?

Since July 1st is two days from my scheduled wedding, the upcoming quarter seems like a great timeframe for making said goals list.

1.  Yoga mat cover
Ya know how projects just seem to fall in your lap?  Well, in my lap, at least.  Sweetie started taking Yoga.  The new yoga place has flimsy mats, so she purchased a substantial mat online (delicate flower that she is).  And this new mat needs a cover to protect it.  Enter the sewing girlfriend, with her endless stash of fabrics and notions.  I'm almost done, just gotta get the carrying strap and drawstring inserted.

2.  Oakie outfit (for the wedding)  

Here is our intrepid Traveling Penguin, auditioning fabrics for his tuxedo pants for the wedding.  He has already chosen the silky aqua fabric for his bowtie and cummerbund.  Stay tuned, it's gonna be a dapper outfit.

3.  Wedding sewing & crafting (see related list--I have to post this separately, for sanity reasons)

4.  Two rows for Relaxing Robin

 I am only setting a goal for 2 rows, although there are 3 months in the quarter.  My project is getting large, and my plate is pretty full, so that seems more than ambitious enough.  Plans and fabrics are in place, and the one row (theme: "something with triangles") has all the pieces cut already.

 5.  Rainbow bathrobe 

Wow, where did this project go?  I was all set to have a Year of Sewing Garments, and my plans went awry quickly.  It's all cut out.  Sewed the pockets and the waist tie.  Well, maybe I can get this one garment sewn before half the year is over.

6.  Mending/hemming for summer wearing

I should probably make a separate list for this category, because the pile is getting larger and items toward the bottom may start composting soon.  I know I have three pairs of Capri pants to hem to appropriate lengths, a pair of skinny jeans that needs some love, and a lovely summer frock that needs hemming.  And a pair of pajama shorts waiting on elastic.  And a summer t-shirt with a hole to mend.  And lightweight running pants with a hole.  And... and... maybe that compost quip was not too far off the mark.

7.  Binding for Sweetie's t-shirt quilt 

It's at the quilter now, so will just need binding when it gets back.  Although I love the geometric black fabric for a binding, I don't think I have enough of it.

8.  Two blocks for daughter's t-shirt quilt

I have plans, big plans for this quilt.  Just got excited by other things before I really got going on it.  But I'd like to do the piecing associated with these 2 particular plays as my beginning foray.  This quilt was promised with a 3-year timeframe; sounds about right for my stops-and-starts.

As always, my list is more aspirational than solid goals.  I just need things in writing to keep them sorted out.  That way I can check back in on myself when I get to spinning in circles and stop making sense.

Since my list of goals includes at least one quilt to complete, I'm linking up with Finish Along at The Littlest Thistle.  That way, I can celebrate in public (I am a showoff and I know it.)

And, if I'm really at a loss for things to work on, these items have passed from WIP into UFO status, and could be revived:

9.  Cloth baskets

Um... Yeah... These were supposed to go with the aprons that I was making in the fall for Christmas gift giving.  Ran into a snag, which will require some un-sewing and adjusting of sizes.  And there they sit, all ready for Mr. Rippy to come along and fix things.  Too bad my seam ripper doesn't have an autopilot setting...

10. Sun hats
So buried in storage that I won't dig them out now for a picture...


  1. Wow, not only do you have an impressive list of goals, but you also have the added element of the big event too! You will have a busy quarter 2! I love that you have a little friend that travels with you, and is such a snappy dresser. I should post about my little 'family' sometime. See you around the blogiverse. Jan-Michael

  2. wow that is an impressive list. you have a busy busy schedule. love the penguin. heres hoping that you get some things crossed off your list. I know my list seems to grow, not get smaller :-(