Thursday, February 13, 2014

Retreat Recap

I went to quilting retreat at the end of January, car stocked to the roof with 9 possible projects to work on.  How did I do?

Well... I knew I would not finish everything I brought.  Heck, I knew I wouldn't even work on some of the items.  I just like having lots of options.

I ended up napping and napping hard while I was there.  My body was fighting a miserable cold, and all I wanted to do was sleep.  Did just a touch of sewing in between naps, but I had a lovely time.  I may have finally given myself permission to let go of a To Do list and just enjoy myself.  Win!

An update on my list of possible projects.  This includes finishing work I have done since retreat ended.

For sure want to finish:

Border and Backing

1.  Border for Sweetie's t-shirt quilt.  Also want to piece the backing fabric, so it can be sent off for quilting as soon as I get backDONE

2.  Complete the machine quilting on blue baby quilt.  Really, this is so close to done that I am almost embarrassed that I let it sit around for so longDONE, and blogged about.  Just the binding left!

3.  Stuffed cat for Barnyard Quilt AlongDONE

Other projects:

4.  Daughter's drama t-shirt quilt.  No progress.

5.  Decorative tissue box covers.  No progress.

6.  Little black dress.  (Ha-ha, really a nightgown from a knit fabric.)  No progress.

7.  Relaxing Robin.  If I want to be ready to applique on a border in February, my design idea calls for applique with crazy-quilt piecesCenter section DONE and blogged about.

8.  Quilted teapot cozy.  Requested by Dad when he saw the Kitchen Aid cozy I made in DecemberDONE.  Dad called to say it is in use already.

9.  More big stitch quilting on the Barnyard Play Quilt...  Always a possibility.  Hey! I actually got around to some of this, thanks to an ice storm.

All in all, not bad.  Especially impressive given the amount of sleeping that took place.  Retreat was clearly a relaxing experience for me this year.

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  1. great progress and all are lovely. taking the lemons (ice storm) and making it into lemonade (great projects)
    relaxing retreats are the best