Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Destash Check-in

It's going on the end of January, time to report my efforts to deStash and get out from under the fabric behemoth.

My son discovered a random 2-yard length of royal blue canvas when he was cleaning out his room.  Rather than stash it in my sewing room, I boxed it up and sent it away to my nieces.  Win!

I also gifted youngest daughter with a length of sequined sari-like fabric that I was never gonna use.

Finally, I was able to pull fabric from my stash to make my father a teapot cozy in colors that would approximate his kitchen decor.
Teapot Cozy: first finish of 2014

When I was asking my sister for advice--sending her pictures of various fabrics--she hinted that I might just go out and buy an appropriate fabric.  Well... yeah... but that would totally defeat the purpose of the Fabric Fast of 2014.

On the Not Buying New Fabric front, I have not been super-tempted as yet.  There was a 25% off your total fabric purchase coupon given out at the end of retreat, but I chose to buy a yo-yo maker instead.  (Supporting my brick-and-mortar LQS, while staying on said fabric diet.) 

Also, I collected donated quilting magazines while at retreat, and the scrappy quilt patterns within have given me something to dream about besides new fabric.

Dreaming up new projects with old fabrics.

Linking up with the Fabriholics Anonymous check-in.  All in all, off to a good start.  Now, if only I were doing more sewing...


  1. a good start indeed. I too have been on a fabric "diet" for years. that tell you anything about MY stash? some fabrics may be older than my children as I inherited some from my Mom. and my son is headed for 40!
    I too have started to do a "clean up" in order to organize and sew. must be the time of year

  2. That Heritage Stars quilt looks like a great one for using up fabrics.

  3. Love that Heritage Stars pattern -- what fun you could have with that!

    Great job on month #1! No fabric! =D