Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cheating on the Fabric Diet?

Isn't this cute? Pattern just purchased.
Ok, Fabriholic Followers, time for me to report how I am doing.  The good news: I have NOT bought
any fabric, new or otherwise.

This doesn't mean that I have done much using up of the stash, however.  No real sewing going on lately--I have been wiring up my crafty bouquet instead.  I wish I were sewing. 

It seems that I have WIPs laying about in all sorts of places, taunting me with the possibility of adding a stitch here or there.

What I have done, and it feels like cheating on the Fabric Diet, is buy notions

Notions: ribbons and yo-yo makers

And books.

And patterns. 
Ooh, new Vogue patterns for me!
And magazines. 

I have filled my need for the next new project with ideas galore.  Just look at the tantalizing possibilities I have discovered in my new reading material:

Scrap-happy? Seduced by colorful, fun (see the narwhal? & the rick-rack?), and the promise of using up stash fabrics...

To my credit, I have not abandoned all my old WIPs and UFOs to take up with the latest fling.  Nor have I sauntered out to the fabric store to get materials to put any of these fabulous ideas into action.  The idea is still to use up fabric from my stash--even when it comes time to start a new project.

Linking up with the monthly check-in for Fabriholics Anonymous.  Gotta give some love to those deprived of new fabrics...



  1. Go you! And yes, I too have been cheating on fabric lately and buying...other things. Tsk tsk... I am using stash though but could be doing more. Here's to using more stash in March!

  2. loving some of your inspirations. isnt that what quilting is about? using up if you want, adding new if you want and just enjoying the process to make a quilt to comfort someone. what is better than that? I myself am self imposing a finish UFOs year. doesn't mean I wont start something, but keeps me accountable to get er done

  3. yes i've bought a lot of non-fabric craft-related purchases as well. and now i'm thinking of getting a new camera lens...but at least none of it is taking up more room on my fabric shelves.

  4. Sheesh, even my Mom left a comment on this topic. Keeping the goal in mind (have less stuff, right?), she said, "I expect to see how said items helped reduce your stash."
    Fair enough.