Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Flurries of Filing

First, let me say that I have the best Sweetie in the world.  She moonlights as The Tidy Fairy, generally keeping things neat and clutter-free in our household.  (And this is despite my moonlighting as The Clutter Gremlin, sworn enemy of all that is tidy and organized.)

So it happened that this past weekend ended up being all about organizing my filing system.  (Total honesty: I did almost none of the work here.  Although I did do five loads of laundry.)

Main filing system: this bin of hanging file folders.

Used to be jam-packed
Reference files: this drawer in the credenza

File drawer:  used to be full. of. papers.

The non-filing files: piles of paper on the counter, under the cutting table in the sewing room, in the closet in the guest room, on my dresser.  Well... you get the picture.  I am a master at creating piles.

Just one of many piles

The haul: 4 bags of shredded documents.  Full paper recycling bin out at the curb on garbage day.  Empty file folders galore.

My attempt at making shredding look sweet

The payoff: I have actually filed new things this week!  And it was easy.  Amazing what a difference it makes to have labels, and space (lesson learned: never overfill a filing system).

Thanks, Sweetie!  We should do our taxes next...

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