Monday, December 16, 2013

De-stash, baby steps

Fabriholics Anonymous, step 1:  Buy no new fabric in 2014

Step 2:  Use up fabrics that I have on hand.
Made cloth napkins as a Christmas gift with a pink handkerchief print that I have had since my oldest child (now almost 25) was about 12 years old.  Yep, that counts as deep stash.

Step 3:  Find new homes for fabrics that you are not going to use anytime soon.

The first fabrics are out the door.  Gone.  Made excellent use of a medium-size mailing box: how much can I stuff in there?  The raspberry fake fur took up a lot of that box!

 My nieces who do cosplay will be receiving this bounty: the fake fur; pink camo fleece (leftover from the fleece pants I made this year); metallic stretch denim; black pleather; and blaze orange canvas.  Let's hope they can think of things to do with this collection of randomness!  I have seen some of their costumes, so have confidence in their creative craftiness.

I'd like to somehow keep track of what I use up or give away, at least in terms of yardage.
Total for this post:  9 1/4 yards (wow! good start)

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  1. Great start at destashing! I'm still in the process of building my stash, but I can understand why it's necessary. Good luck!