Monday, December 9, 2013

Bling it On

A tale of fabric mixing.  On an apron.  And I am pretty proud of myself.

It all started with the base fabric: a denim print with pink paisleys.  (I have a hunk of it with turquoise paisleys, too.)

But it's a border print.  Cute pink paisley border.  And this is the pattern I wanted to make with it.

Simplicity vintage reprint: I want the ruffled version

How to make the border go around a circle?  Piecing.  Wedges, like cake slices.  Only had enough border to make that happen on the lower skirt of the apron.  So I decided to leave out the "middle tier" of the skirt, so that the border print could show up better.

And now for the bling: metallic stretch denim.  Vintage: I've had it since the 80's. 

I made a box-pleat ruffle to go along the lower edge of the apron.

Decided to add it as some embellishment on the apron's bib.  (Oh, and the waistband, too.)

And then cast about for a way to tie the denim and the zing-denim together.  Lo and behold!  Another stashed fabric: Y2K "2000" print in silver glitter on white background.

When Sweetie saw the combination I was putting together, she chimed in with, "If only you had some more pink in there."  Oh, yes!  More bling: pink fabric with black cats and silver glitter.  Just a touch, mind you.

This fabric mixture is getting to be a bit much, even for me.  And how did it turn out, you ask?  (So glad you asked.)

I think it's FABULOUS.  My favorite apron so far.  (Not that I am biased by its extreme cuteness, mind you.)  Vintage pattern styling with modern fabric mixing.

Surprisingly, the metallic denim was a dream to sew with.  Made the tedious box-pleating process rather delightful.

And all this cuteness?  Destined for my young niece.  An adventurous and whimsical soul.
Who doesn't love a rainbow tail?  I think she will like all the bling in her new apron.

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