Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fleece Pants

Invited my dear friend over for a sewing date.  It finally happened (a couple months later), and the result is that I have two pairs of fleece lounge pants to wear.

A la The Sew Weekly (which, maddeningly, has not had any site updates in 2013), here are...

The Facts

Fabric:  blizzard fleece, bought on mega-sale at JoAnn (almost 3 years ago?)
⁃ Pattern:  New Look 6014
- Year:  contemporary
- Notions:  1/2" elastic (stash), drawstring/shoelace (stash)
- First worn: at home, watching "The Wedding Planner" (ah yes, spring break fluff)
- Wear again?  Heck yeah, I can see these babies as my at-home uniform

- Fit/alterations:  Since I had not sewn anything from a commercial pattern in years, I was careful about taking my body measurements and comparing them to the pattern sizing and ease listed.  I thought I was a size 14, but maybe I could make these in size 12, since they are knit?  (Damned vanity sizing in ready-to-wear: why does Old Navy say I'm a size 6?  So confusing.)  I ended up cutting most of the pattern out along the size 12 line, but made the lower leg more flared, and *longer*
American patterns: sized for 5' 4" women?

Although the patterns of the fleece fabrics are a bit loud and obnoxious, I'm ready to lounge full-force.
Note my lounging companion: always at the ready
Total cost: under $20.  Even Sweetie thinks they are cozy-sexy.

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