Saturday, December 21, 2013

Abandon ship

Well, really, Abandon Plan A!  Go with Plan B (or C, at this rate)

Apron for the final nephew.  Did not get any feedback about his preferences, but he has competed in the Highland Games for many years, wore a kilt to his high school graduation, and makes hand-tooled leather shields and Clan insignia.  I always think of Celtic knots when I think of him.  So this was my inspiration:

Okay, it's a little complicated.  I decided to do only the central portions.  In cross stitch.

Cross Stitch: a sinking ship at this point

This is as far as I got, before I determined that the progress was going too slowly, and I was torturing myself with the color changes trying to show the shadows and highlights in the knot.  I could not bring myself to finish it.

Bah, humbug!

Sweetie suggested I somehow cut out the cross portion, since that was complete.  Maybe I could choose another medium for the Celtic knot portion?  (Sharpie and fabric paint were both considered, briefly.)

Couching to the rescue!  This took me a grand total of 1 hour.  I used embroidery floss to couch down a length of rattail cording.  Now to marry up the two pieces into some sort of cohesive look.

Done is Beautiful (where have I heard that before?)

Despite my waning enthusiasm for this design, I am satisfied with the result.  Got it sewed onto the upper pocket of the final nephew's apron.

Just in time: less than 1 week to Christmas, and one of my trusty children will be delivering packages to all the cousins before the big day.  (Yay, way to save on postage!)

Post-note: if you are scratching your head about the bright fabric on the lower pocket in the finished apron, you are not alone.
Sweetie told me it was out-of-place on this apron.  I agree.  And yet I kept it there.  My rebellious streak, I guess.  I'll have to find a better way to showcase that print in the future.  For now, there it stays...

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