Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fabriholics Anonymous - UFO list

Already started getting rid of and consolidating my fabric, in preparation for the Fabric Fast of 2014 (buy no new fabric for the first six months of the year).  This seems to be in stark contrast to some others, who are stocking up on fabric, so they won't run out this coming year.  Are you kidding me?  Run out?  I have enough fabric to last lifetimes.  It just may be that I have to get creative to use up what I have, instead of always chasing the newest idea bouncing around in my head.

While skipping thru fabric-land, I went pawing over some "projects" aka UFOs; tried to determine if I am still interested in finishing each item as I came across it.  Some things have gone away.  I feel lighter already.

So, the folks hosting the Fabriholics Anonymous challenge for 2014 are having us brave participants list our UFOs.  I'm not convinced that listing my projects is going to help me use up parts of my fabric stash, but it can't hurt to be reminded of fabulous sewing opportunities that lie buried in my closets.  (Mayhaps the pain of not buying new fabric can be assuaged by acknowledging that I am not wanting for things to work on.)

So, here is a list of what I've got goin' on.  I already know I am not committed to finishing all these items this year.  (The question I have to keep asking myself is: if I don't want to even work on it this year, when will I want to work on it?  How long does a UFO get to hang around taking up space?)

Category I:  Plans to work on these in 2014

Quilts (or pieced)
1.  Rainbow t-shirt quilt (needs borders, then to be sent off for quilting)

  2.  Drama t-shirt quilt for youngest daughter (retreat project in January)

3.  Barnyard play quilt

4.  Blue baby quilt (so close: just a tiny bit of quilting left, then a binding)

5.  Wordy wallhanging

6.  Grandma's bedspread

7.  Wool coat
8.  Red sheath dress
9.  Felted sweater hoodie
10.  Recipe apron (for me, this time)
11.  Gray pajama/lounge dress

Other sewing
12.  Mystery Cube/Block puzzle

Category II: Just hanging around

Quilts (or pieced)
13.  Red baby quilt
14.  Daisy paper-pieced pillow
15.  Buck-a-block 2013 (4 unfinished blocks, and no overall plan)
16.  Math/nerdy t-shirt quilt
17.  Flannel crazy quilt (started by youngest daughter)
18.  Around the world duvet cover

19.  Apron from a man's shirt
20.  Bellydance hip scarf

Other sewing
21.  Pillow (from my old wedding dress)
22.  Hurry Up, Pizza Man (children's quiet book)
23.  Baby hats (3 of them, bah)
24.  Tea towel embroidery
25.  Quiet book (Spanish vocab)
26.  Rag rug (technically not sewing, but it does use fabric "yarn")
27.  Rustic Santa outfit

Honestly, this isn't too bad of a list.  I think the last time I made a full accounting of the PIGS (projects in grocery sacks), there were over 80 items.  I have really cut down and gotten rid of things that no longer held my interest--even if I had put tons of work into them already.

Head on over to the linky party and see what others have to contend with.

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  1. Awesome idea to list out each project and categorize them. I need to do the same! Thanks for the inspiration.