Friday, December 27, 2013

Reasons to Rid

Putting away the scraps and remains of fabrics I pulled out for sewing aprons.  I have a couple candidates for fabrics to go away.
Maybe the reverse side?

But what I found myself doing instead was casting about for reasons to hold onto these fabrics:  "Maybe if I use the wrong side of the fabric" or "Well, this can be used for making a muslin" or even "Gosh, there must be something that can be done with this!  I should consult so-and-so for ideas."

Egads!  I noticed that I was starting to sound like one of the poor souls on the Hoarders TV show.  Seriously.  I was watching a Hoarders marathon on tv while doing this fabric organizing, and they said the exact words that I have either said out loud or thought to myself while trying to part with my excess.  It is so eye-opening when a person with an obvious addiction issue speaks directly to my inner-hoarder.  I could go there; I could live that life, if I let my hoarding tendencies get out of control.

None of my justifications are reasons to hold onto a fabric.  I have too much.  If I don't love it, why do I clamp so tightly onto it?

Well, I managed to open my heart to sending some fabric away to the universe.

Total for this post:  11 yards

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