Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Lessons

Our snowstorm from Friday has been most unusual for this area--still snow here days later, still blistering cold, and sunny.  Crazy.

Went for a walk in our frozen wonderland, and marveled at the drivers unaccustomed to such conditions.  Here are the lessons I distilled from watching the  pickup trucks:
  • Yes, 4-wheel drive gives you traction and you can drive on packed snow
  • You don't have as much traction as you think (so slow down!)
  • Other drivers (of small cars, for example) don't have the traction you do, and will make you slow down, if only to avoid them.

And, upon thawing out at home, I looked over the Xmas apron bounty and was able to correlate each snow lesson with a corresponding Sewing for Xmas lesson:

  • Yes, starting to sew in September means you have better traction towards finishing gifts before December 24th
  • You don't have as many days left until Xmas as you think (so don't slow down!)
  • Other events will pop up to derail your sewing plans; December is a busy month.

Cute, huh?  My analytic brain never stops working...

1 comment:

  1. It is always interesting to observe how people react to driving in snow,especially if they are not used to doing so! We have had around two feet of snow between the last two storms,and winter is not even officially here yet!