Monday, December 30, 2013


The Barnyard play quilt was coming along, month by month.  Was.  Stalled out last spring, but I'm back to giving it some love and attention.  This month's small pieces are the three little pigs--or rather, two little piggies and their parent-figure.

My gosh, it was such a pain to sew and turn and stuff such tiny shapes!  I was much happier with the very last shape I finished--the hedgehog--fewer tiny curves and minute details to deal with.  I can see the appeal of making small pieces out of felt that doesn't need to get turned.

Piggies for the Barnyard

The little pigs just sat around for the longest time, waiting for me to sew their tiny stuffing-holes closed.  (They were briefly glimpsed back when I sewed the hedgehog in April.)  Sometimes I am surprised at how long any hand sewing task sits around--no matter how brief it would be to complete it.

More animals to cut and sew...

Up next:  black cat.  Can you say "small pieces to turn and stuff"?  Should I just make this one out of felt?

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