Sunday, April 7, 2013

Project Report for March

Well, I am glad to see March gone.  It was a month of drama, extended PMS (that's what I'm calling it, anyway), and not a lot of satisfying sewing.  Just little bits and pieces.

Barnyard Play Quilt: plaid tree on a gingham lawn
Finished the fleece pants I started in February.  Yay!  Love to wear them when lounging about the house.

Finished buck-a-block - a belated block for March, as well as April's block (done early).

Finished tree detail on Barnyard Play Quilt.  Next month's piece: the pigs!  Slow and steady progress on this, right?  One little detail per month.

Finished two items on the mending pile: elastic in a pair of jammie pants, and dyeing a too-pale flirty skirt.  Also, got some elastic pre-positioned in a pair of dress pants.

Before & after dye job: love the new flirty skirt in warm brown

Discarded two UFOs: one a pullover-sweater-into-cardigan remix, and one a droopy blouse that I was vainly trying to make fitted.  Better off gone, I say.

Log cabin blocks for t-shirt quilt: note some centers are t-shirt logos
Re-started sewing on Sweetie's t-shirt quilt.  While I am excited to be making visible progress on one of my many WIPs, I realize I am completely ignoring the quilting step on other almost-finished items that are patiently waiting in their safety-pinned-together state.  And one of those neglected quilting steps was supposed to be my major goal for March... 

Oh well.  Gotta work on the things that inspire me, because this is my hobby after all.  Not meant to be stressful or feel like work.

Completed projects this Month:  2
Completed projects Year to Date:  5
New projects this Month:  0
New projects Year to Date:  3
Discarded/donated projects (farewell!):  2
Net Project Count for 2012:  -4

I'm not setting any goals for April.  Just want to sew as the spirit moves me.  (Oh, and get those pigs done for the Barnyard.)

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