Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stranger in the Barnyard

Barnyard play quilt had a stranger arrive!  I saw that the latest entry in April Mae Designs' Hello Moon quilt featured a hedgehog (a hedgehog!) looking up at the moon.

Hello Moon: April Mae Designs
 Oh my! He is so cute!!  And Sweetie is on a hedgehog kick recently, so I just had to make him.

This version from Barbara at Cat Patches
Only one tiny complication: the pattern is for an applique, and I need to make him into a moveable toy.  How to draft the given pattern so it could be stuffed?  And how about that hedgehog fluff--would fake fur be appropriate?

Stuffed hedgehog, with quarter for size perspective
Oh, I think he is so cute!!!  I had several colors of fake fur to choose from, and debated about whimsical vs. realistic.  Perfect balance was achieved.

And just look at how well the new barnyard visitor plays in the "plowed field" with one of his piggy companions.

Does this count as a new project?  I won't call it that, as I am working on the ongoing Barnyard play quilt, and my new hedgehog friend is just one more piece in that WIP pie.

Gotta finish up the pigs, though.  They were due on the 16th... oh, I am so sidetracked sometimes.

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