Saturday, March 23, 2013

Buck-a-block: Feb and Mar

I didn't finish my February buck-a-block BOTM in time for March's meeting date, but I made some time this weekend to complete blocks for both months.  So I am ahead of the game for the April meeting (Yay, go me!)

New Waterwheel - shop sample
 This is the shop sample of the March block.  The pattern is "New Waterwheel Variation" from Judy Hopkins' 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks (That Patchwork Place).  This month, even more than previous blocks, looks like it needs the border to complete it.

 See?  The versions shown in our pattern/cutting sheet even show the center 9" portion of the block with alternate colors in the corner half-square triangles.

Speaking of half-square triangles--I took the opportunity, since I was making two blocks at once, which had several HSTs between them, to try out a new tool: the Gizmo.

The Gizmo, by Sally Schneider Quilts, is a small diagonal ruler that helps you make HSTs from rectangles of fabric.  The idea is to be able to use the same size strip sets as other squares you are using in a block.  I chose to just use the tool before cutting the strips to size.
You place the tool along the diagonal of your rectangle, and mark a line on either side of it.  These are your stitching lines.
Stitch, then slash the two pieces apart.
Press seam toward the darker fabric.  Since I didn't trim my strip fabric before sewing, I trimmed my HSTs to the correct size at this point.  (I must say, these are the most accurate HST blocks I have ever made!)

My opinion: I like the Gizmo.  I'll probably still use Triangle Paper for making either smaller HSTs or large quantities of HSTs.  But this is definitely a tool to use if you have precut strips of fabric.

After my HST adventures, the blocks went together in short order.  Cute.
March: New Waterwheel & February: Whirling Square

I still don't know what I'll end up making with all these blocks, but I'm back on track with completing a block each month.

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