Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ugly Fabric Challenge

The gals at my favorite quilt shop thought up a Block Challenge on April Fool's Day, but I am just now getting around to putting on my thinking cap about it.

The shop employees went around and found the bolts of fabric at the shop that they deemed the "ugliest", then they voted (by anonymous ballot, so I'm told).  Here is the winning fabric:

Ugliest Fabric? You tell me...
The challenge: make any block you wish, using just an 8" square of the Ugly Fabric as your feature, to finish out at a 12" square. Blocks will be displayed in the shop during the upcoming Quilter's Safari Shop Hop, where shop-hoppers can vote on their favorite.

Make any block?!?

How can I choose?  I have a tough time with decisions.  Here are the top contenders for design, in no particular order.

Challenge block from Winter Retreat, 2011 (unknown seamstress)
Maybe use Triangle Paper and let the Ugly Fabric be in little bits?

Always a fan of the Card Trick block

My own original design: paper pieced cup-and-saucer, with 3D handle

I thought I had one or two more ideas, but I can't find the pictures right now, so I guess they are off the table.  I'd better get going on making up my mind, the due date on this is Friday!  Plus, I gotta audition fabrics to go with the lovely/not-so-lovely Ugly Fabric.

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